SolidWorks model of CatEye combo cycle computer + headlight

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Final assignment for DAI 521 (SolidWorks), taken in Spring 2008 at SFSU. The objective was to design, model in SolidWorks, and render a USB flash drive that fits within and complements an existing identity or brand. One additional criteria was to incorporate some additional, unique feature or functionality beyond simple data storage, in keeping with the client’s identity. Given my interest in bicycles and cycling, I chose CatEye, a top manufacturer of cycle computers, lights and reflectors since its inception in 1946. CatEye has a clean and crisp branding identity, and their products reflect an equally distinct design aesthetic; especially notable is the HL-500 battery headlight, an industry standard for many years.

I came up with the concept of a bicycle light with a built-in cycle computer, that ran off rechargeable batteries that could be charged via USB; the USB port would also allow for transfer of data from the cycle computer. I decided to follow the overall form factor of the ubiquitous HL-500, but also looked to CatEye’s cycle computers for design inspiration.
cateye_assm_isometric_sm cateye_assm_side_sm cateye_assm_front_sm cateye_assm_top_sm cateye_assm_back_sm cateye_assm_bottom_sm

The CatEye logo, other text/branding, and GUI were created in Illustrator, and applied to the model as decals; this can be seen in the pre-render image below:cateye_assm_isometric_decal_sm

Final rendered images of the model are below:
carlson_p_cateye_assembly_scene_01 carlson_p_cateye_assembly_scene_03 carlson_p_cateye_assembly_scene_04

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