Ergonomic cookware handle

dsc03602 dsc03604
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Initially, I wanted to design an after-market add-on to cookware handles that would enable a more ergonomic grip via leverage and better distribution of grasped weight. Shown below are two preliminary concepts in that vein; click the thumbnails to see larger images.
1st_handle_sketches_01 1st_handle_sketches_01

However, I realized it would be difficult to accommodate as wide a range of handle types and styles as possible. Such a product might be bulkier than consumer preferences would find acceptable, and the necessary latitude to allow use with different handles would potentially create fitment issues, negating some or all of the proposed benefits. In addition, this approach does not address the inherent shortcoming of “traditional” handle design, that of the non-ergonomic grip. In grasping a pot or pan (particularly a loaded one), the bulk of the weight is being supported by the hand and wrist; grasping a heavy object in this way stresses and compromises the strength of the wrist joint. To address this, a handle design that allows for a straight wrist is suggested; optimally, such a design would also allow for the conventional grip. Below are two sketches that explore this concept; click the the thumbnails to see larger images.
2nd_handle_sketches_01 2nd_handle_sketches_02

I decided to pursue further the first concept shown above; shown below are four ideation sketches of this form factor (click the thumbnails to see larger images).
3rd_handle_sketches_01 3rd_handle_sketches_02 3rd_handle_sketches_03 3rd_handle_sketches_04

Two quick sketch models were fabricated out of modelmaking foam and primed with white gesso, for physical form exploration (click the thumbnails below to see larger images).
dscn7438_sm dscn7439_sm

Two final sketches were produced; see below (click thumbnails to see larger images).
4th_handle_sketches_01 4th_handle_sketches_02

The final handle prototype was fabricated out of modelmaking foam, primed with white gesso, and finished with lacquer-based spray paint, then fastened to a wok purchased from a local department store. Final pictures are shown at the top of the page; the image below shows the handle being grasped (click thumbnail to see larger image). A PDF of the full project documentation can be downloaded here.

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