About Pacts Cartagna

Hello, and welcome to my website! I completed graduate studies at SFSU in the department of Design & Industry (DAI), and graduated in December 2009 with a MA in Industrial Arts, with an emphasis in product design/development/manufacturing. My undergraduate studies were done at UC Berkeley in the Department of Art Practice, where I received a BA in Practice of Art, with an emphasis in painting and ceramics. In the years in between, I developed a strong foundation of graphic design skills. This website is a reflection of that, although the focus will primarily be on my industrial design work.

I am interested in design that is universal, accessible, and sustainable. To this end, I am also interested in the juncture of technology and design and how that facilitates and creates access, especially as pertains to user interaction and experiences. I strive for elegant and pragmatic solutions to complex and multi-layered problems, implementing designs with a superior focus on detail and functionality.

In addition to design, my other hobbies/interests include cycling, rock climbing, Bikram yoga, reading, snowboarding, art, vegetarian cooking, and vicarious dog ownership. Some of these are reflected in my other Internet presences:


…and yes, I like lime green. Very much. Excessively so, depending on who you ask.